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 During our tour to Ireland, I felt very looked after by Maria.  Even before I left home, Maria sent tips that helped a lot and that I would not have thought of myself, especially, bring a washcloth, and notify our credit card company that we’d be in Ireland.  Logistics were a breeze because Maria chose ideally located hotels, checked us in when we got there, matched me with a lovely roommate, brought water bottles on the bus, kept us on time, and even asked if I had someone to sit with during a meal.  In large and small ways, our guides noticed and cared.  Most of all, their interpretations at sacred sites we visited made the aliveness and sacredness of the land very real for me.   

 Janet K,  Crozet, VA, USA

Maria's Ireland Tours - Small to large tours guided by Maria & Guest Hosts


Upcoming 2018 Tours with Maria and Guests

April 8 - 22, 2018 - Celtic Angels Sacred Tour 
with Angel Guide & AEP Facilitator Cindy Smith, Celtic Wisdom Keeper and Irish Guide Maria O'Farrell Carr & First Nations Spiritual Worker 'Oji'mixw' Vern Pielle. Join us for a magical adventure to Ireland with like-minded people. Includes a 2 day Mediumship course with Cindy and Vern. Cindy Smith is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium trained by Doreen Virtue.Cindy has created and developed an Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification Course. Cindy brings a well-rounded and grounded approach to connecting you with your angel team and empowering you to move from “I CAN’T” TO “I CAN!”. We visit many sacred sites, castles, abbeys, dolmens and stone circles during the day and enjoy the live music in the evenings. Maria shares with your the wisdom and magic of Ireland. Contact us.


  May 9 - 20, 2018 – Ireland Holiday Tour - Find Your Inner Love and Joy Vibrations 
with Irish Guide Maria Carr, Vibrational Healer Jane Donald, Life Coach Melanie Schroeder & Fitness Guide. This tour is design for woman (& men) who are single (or in a relationship) who are looking to find a love connection within themselves and some fun adventures while in Ireland. The Irish are known for their light-heartedness, banter, fun and flirtiness.  During our time in Ireland we will work on our own inner journey to find the love and joy vibrations within us, learn to let go the past and old belief systems and re-connect with our own inner flirt, basically… find our inner Joy and Light. During our Tour there will be daily adventures, sightseeing day tours as well as a retreat day and workshops, meditations, morning fitness (yoga, Qi Gong, walk) and Celtic wisdom shared with our group. In the evening we will gather together for some live Irish Trad music nights, Celtic shows, warm chats around turf fires and lots of fun nights out in local Irish pub’s where the CRAIC is mighty.Your guides for this tour are there to assist you on your journey of awakening, empowerment and inner joy and love vibrational reconnection. This is a perfect tour for the person who has always wanted to visit Ireland and the sacred sites of Ireland, who is just so busy that they now need to press the pause button in their lives, to reconnect with themselves, take a moment to see what direction they are going next and most of all they our ready for some relaxation, to re-energize, 
find their path, have some fun and find their inner joy for life. Contact us
  June 2018 - NYC Holistic University Ireland Tour
Private Custom Tour Group
  Sept 13 - 23, 2018 - Gaia's Sacred Soul Tours: Ireland.
10 nights - Connecting your Mind, Body and Spirit in Ireland.     
Time to De-Stress, Relax & have some CRAIC (fun)! 
with Actress, Model, Radio Host, Holistic Health Practitioner Bridgetta Tomarchio
and Celtic Wisdom Keeper and Irish Guide Maria O'Farrell Carr
Join Bridgetta as she makes travel healthy while having fun!
Come back from vacation feeling and looking Fabulous! Contact us

October 2018 - Yoga Ireland Tour - TBA

2019 - James Van Praagh Tour

2019 - Circle Dance International Tour

2019 - Nancy Rebecca Ireland Tour

April 2020 - Kryon Ireland Sacred Tour 


All tours are guided by Ireland's Maria O'Farrell Carr and/or Rosie O'Toole

Tours and flights are registered and booked through K.BANKS TRAVEL (1994) Inc,
- BC Registration #2776-4

  • Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime, your guidance, knowledge, wisdom and kindness.
    In love and light till we meet again. -Judith G. 
  • I had such an amazing time, I can't even tell you. I hope to see you on another journey.
    I can still hear your laughter, Maria. Much love, Debra Cr
  • Maria, there are no words to describe what this tour meant to me. Thank you for taking us to so many beautiful and sacred sites! I know that I received so many blessings and healings along the way. I loved the whole tour, and if I had to pick my favourite it would be very difficult as each place had its own beauty and character. Thank you for the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time. I love Ireland, the people, the culture everything and can't wait to return. Love and light! -Yvonne  

All tours are in Canadian dollars. One medium size suitcase per person and one small day pack.
Please contact us for full details.

   (Kerry & Dublin/Wicklow)
Summer Fun Ireland Holiday Tour with biking & hiking options: Contact us.
Spring Fun Ireland Tour with Salmon & sea fishing options: Contact us.

Join us on a fun holiday tours where YOU to choose what you want to visit each day. This is a small group tour so space is limited. Come on join us or book your own private group. This is a very special tour. It is less of a tour but ‘lets go to Ireland together’. It is a very small group of 14 max. It is also more focused on fun and relaxation. It is not a ‘up at 6:30am tour’ and no rushing to be anywhere but a chance to explore and also enjoy the evening of music. Music in Ireland doesn't start till 9pm so it is nice to maybe have a late night and late start in mornings. It is the fun personal tour I always wanted to do. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and many places in USA and Europe now have non-stop direct flight into Dublin or Kerry airport with really cheap fares.  The Summer tour offers bike and hiking days. Hotels are nearly sold out so this one we would need to jump on now and book. Are you interested? email Maria or Rosie.


Join your host Maria O'Farrell Carr  (Sacred Ireland Tour Guide) with Jane Donald (Irish Garden's expert) for a 2 week Celtic tour of Ireland, as they explore the Irish countryside and gardens. Connect with the land and breathe in the beauty of the Irish landscape. Also fun music nights in evenings. Brand new sites to see and explore. Contact Maria for more details. This tour is already 50% pre-booked so if interested please add your name. Everyone Welcome!
Price: $3888 pps CAD (early-bird rate).  13 nights Tour with hotel, breakfast and tour package. 
Not included: Flights, lunch, dinner, tips.

KRYON IRELAND TOUR -  April 2020  (Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Connemara, Galway, Dublin, Wicklow)


Join Lee Carroll and Irish ‘Bean-A-Ti’, Maria O’Farrell Carr for a nine day full escorted Sacred tour of one of the most magical and ancient places on the planet. Ireland is an ancient land and the land of the Tuatha De Danna’s mystical people, Atlantis, Goddess and fairies. 
Lee will guide us as we travel around Ireland with some channelling evening sessions. Maria will share with us the Irish history, folklore and introduce us to many of the ancient sacred sites. 
We will also have lots of fun as we explore the sites and in the evening we will enjoy the live traditional Irish music. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Irish culture with Lee Carroll and like-minded people. This tour is escorted by your tour director Maria O'Farrell Carr and Guest Guides Jane Donald and Monika Muranyi. This tour is hosted and booked through K. Banks Travel. For more details contact our office or email Everyone Welcome!
Price: $4888 pps CAD (early-bird rate).  Included Tour package with hotel, breakfast and extra adventures.
Not included: Flights, lunch, dinner, tips.




Previous Tours with Maria

  • 2017 Sept - In Spirit by Day & Spirits by Night - Ireland Tour with Maria and Monique MacDonald
  • 2017 Aug - Summer Fun Holiday Ireland Tour
  • 2017 April - Spring Fun Holiday Tour – Killarney & Dublin (with Scotland Option).
  • 2017 April -  Kryon Ireland Tour  with Lee Carroll)
  • 2017 May 1st - Excursion to Glendalough with Kryon 
  • 2017 May/June - Irish Gardens and Sacred Sites Ireland Tour
  • 2016 September - KRYON IRELAND TOUR 
  • 2014 November - SACRED TOUR TO HAWAII 

All tours are guide by Tour Director & Guide Maria O'Farrell and Guest Host

Flights are not included in escorted tour.

Tours and flights are registered and booked through K.BANKS TRAVEL (1994) Inc, - BC Registration #2776-4



From the moment of landing until your last day your trip will be a remarkable adventure. Whether you are a seasoned traveler who usually makes all their own arrangements or a beginning world explorer you will appreciate the care and detailed arrangements that Maria makes in preparation for the trip and during your days of travel. There is so much to see in Ireland and Maria manages to squeeze in an amazing variety of engaging experiences: historic sites, sacred sites & stone circles, breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, shops, galleries, museums, pubs! Great places to linger all day or evening. Food of course is important. While on the road Maria finds interesting stops for delicious and always too plentiful amounts of food. Evening group dinners will be a highlight. It is a jam packed trip. With Maria's sense of humour and stories even the road touring experience in the green Paddy bus is a delightful experience. Dawn

Ireland was absolutely wonderful. Maria did a fabulous job as tour director. The tour group didn't have to do any thinking or planning - just go! I loved everything about Ireland - the people and their sense of humor, the Irish music and glorious scenery and old buildings and rock walls and sheep and on and on. Dianne



"One of the reasons that I wanted to go on the tour was to reclaim my energy and my connection to myself. I definitely found that on our tour! In fact, the minute we arrived in Ireland I felt great and I was back to being me. I enjoyed the countryside and the bus tours, and the commeraderie around our tables at the pub was great. A long time since I've had so much fun. Maria did a great job as Tour Director." Anonymous


 "On our recent tour to Ireland, I was very appreciative of Maria's knowledge of the area and the number of friendly contacts she had everywhere we went. I am sure that part of the superb welcome we had was because we were there as "Maria's group." She has a marvellous sense of what people will enjoy seeing, and has access to many unusual and interesting places. Every detail was taken into account, insuring a 
 wonderful and relaxing holiday. " Eleanor
"Fabulous holiday in Ireland!! Had so much fun. It was with Maria who is Irish so got to see lots of places that the locals know about instead of just the tourist spots. " - J

The experience of Ireland has been truly an spiritual adventure. You have managed to capture the true essence of Ireland. Thank you for the wonderful memories! The people are so friendly and kind, I will truly miss you all. Leila 




Maria, this has been a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for your guidance, knowledge and all the hard work you do and make it so special for us all. Edie K

Oh Maria, This has been a wonderful trip! You have been such a grounding for the group and it really has been a great trip, so different than the last time too. from Debbie M


Maria, Many many kudos for getting us all together to share your Ireland with us. I love the culture, the people and the sacredness of it all again. You are very special to me! much love Cherie
So grateful for finding such a wonderful spiritual family. Thank you for everything including your laughter. See you on the Irish Garden and sacred sites tour. Debra. C


Thank you for this beautiful experience dear Maria. You have such an amazing energy 
around you that makes every place that you have planned for us to go even better than any of us could have imagined! Thanks for making Ireland even more amazing than i could have possibly dreamed of. Thanks for also taking us to all those cool bars and introducing us to all of those amazing Irish bands. Lots of Love, Mary I.


More Testimonials

This was once again an amazing experience! Ireland is truly magical - the emerald Isle and it is not hard to see why. I loved the stones circles and stone forts we visited. 
The beach on Spanish point was a highlight, especially since the dolphins came to visit. I had a magical time. I experience joy I never thought possible. I am in much gratitude. thank you Maria. Lots of love Carl.


Thank you. What a great trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed the locations, the energy, the intentions and the scheduling. I loved Killarney, Inisfallen adventures, Galway freedom,
crystal forests, the one-on-one opportunities to get to know the group, the 
connections and the opportunity to spend such wonderful time with like-minded people. So much healing and insight - I am so grateful. Thank you for taking me around the country with  focus on the stones which feel magical to me and for teaching us the mermaid song to call in the dolphins and swans. lots of love Christina
Maria, This was a truly awesome journey. It was everything I expected and so much more. Thank you. In love and light, Dayle

Your sparkle and shine, A delight and divine, All that you share shows you deeply care. Your joy in life is contagious - a gift. I really enjoyed the tour! Splendid! Blessings and gratitude always, Anna 
Maria, I cherish our time together again. Your sparkle 
makes everyone shine. Thank you always for getting such great people together. I cherish our time together. Love you, Heather & Sarah
Thank you Maria for your wonderful organizing skills, patience, attention to detail, caring and on and on! This experience has been more than I could ever have wished for. I feel blessed and love Ireland so much. I will be back! and hope to see you in Penticton one day. Joyce.
Dearest Maria, How can I ever thank you for all the wonderful experience and beautiful sights you've helped me to see. It truly has been a trip of a lifetime and one that I will always treasure. My life has been enriched immeasurable by the love and light you have shared. Deepest blessings, Linda G.
Maria, This has been the best! Thank you so much for everything. Each day was truly mind blowing. The effort you put into everything showed, you had everything, every detail perfect.Thank you for looking after us all with such
care. You are amazing.I want to come back for sure and so look forward to it and I haven't even left yet! I felt so like family.  You re a dear dear lady and it has been a privilege to know you and share all these experiences with you. Thank you
 from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you. from Bonnie H
Dearest Maria, How could I ever thank you. I have no words to express the depth of gratitude. Please know t hat I will never forget all that you have done for me... and for us all. With all my heart, Luda P

Maria, I had a wonderful time on the tour. Can't wait to do the next one and see what story comes next!. Lots of loving, Tiffini F.


Up-coming  Tours

- June 2018

Join Maria O'Farrell Carr for 2 weeks in the sunny Okanagan in BC and in Banff, Calgary in Canada. Attend: Jane Donald's Celtic Vibration 3 day course, Beach day, Wine tour, Okanagan Lake, Emerald Lake, Lake Louise, waterfalls and more. Learn how to connect and use the energy of mother earth, sky, nature, trees, flowers, elementals in everyday life. Learn from insights in how energy works around you and through you so you can gain greater clarity in everyday life and the human situations we all face. Learn how humans fit in to the natural ecosystems of nature of our world and the greater universe. for more details please  email